KIA Soul Collective Initiative


CLIENT: Kia, The Fader, Cornerstone Marketing

PROJECT: The Kia Soul Collective was a tour conceived to promote music, art and culture in the realm of promoting Kia’s brand new Soul model nationwide. The tour landed in Miami and stayed for a four-day series of events at Miami’s Awarehouse venue. The tour was headlined by N.E.R.D. and also featured Clipse, J. Cole, B.O.B.,¬† and Egg Foo Young.

OUR INVOLVEMENT: We were approached to build awareness about the four-day event and to help collect RSVPs via various online initiatives.

1) Local Miami Advertising: We provided advertising on local websites falling within the target audience.

2) Email Marketing: We built various email campaigns and used our own database and recruited other email marketing companies in the Miami area focused on a similar target audience.

Photos Courtesy of the Miami Herald

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KIA Soul Collective Initiative

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