Creative Marketing Goes A Long Way As Well

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Social Media Management
Part-time & Full-time Commitments

Running social media accounts take proper planning and diligence to run effectively. We take a look at your existing content and formulate a detailed strategy and editorial calendar to make all of your accounts work well with each other while taking advantage of each social network’s best features. Training sessions are also available.



Email Campaigns
Management & Lead Acquisitions

Email marketing is still one of the best and most direct ways to reach and update followers and potential longterm fans. We have various tools to help maximize the design and delivery of all your email campaign efforts and we  have great options for acquiring new leads and subscribers to your campaigns.



Event Promotions
Influencers, Email And Local Media

We have a long resume of promoting and marketing Miami-area events, festivals, concerts and parties. We use a mixture of email campaigns with local partners, partnerships with local influencers (both in the celebrity and social media realm) and traditional media outlet support to get the word out about local events.



Promotional Products
Tangible Items To Promote Your Brand

Despite us being in the digital age, there is still a growing need for promotional products to keep your brand’s presence in the hands of consumers and potential customers. We have access to an endless catalog of potential items from traditional to unique.



Printing Services
Small & Large Scale Printing

We can print anything and we can print “on” anything. From business cards to brochures and from t-shirts to iPhone cases, we can print any and everything. We also have a team of creatives that can offer up the latest ideas and innovations in the “print” marketing world.



Content Creation
Copywriting, Photos & Videos

With our editorial and journalism-focused background, we can provide you with everything from original copywriting, photoshoots, social media management, long and short form articles, interviews, listicles and video production for webisodes or promo videos.