EWR NEWS TONIGHT Show Parody At Jetblue Newark

Various Clips From Segments – Sound Muted For Client Privacy

Corporate Video Production for Jetblue’s “Parody” News Series


Jetblue’s EWR team (based in Newark) decided to make their monthly internal newsletter a little more excited by reformatting its usual emailed form into the shape of an actual “video” news segment modeled off of Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” segments. We came on board to produce a few of the segments both on the filming side and the production/creation of the segments. The anchor desk’s location is fairly small and difficult to navigate but we were able to develop a workflow with lighting, sound and our cameras to make this lighthearted idea continue to create smiles for the employees that watch it.



– Video Production
– Video Editing
– Motion Graphics & Design


CLIENT: Jetblue